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What's New

Welcome to Roetin's new and expanded website.  You'll find specs on all our products and just enough technical info to get you ready to add the right mix of studs and carbides to your sled.  It's a fresh look at the toughest traction in the business.

Why You Need Traction

Not just for speed and acceleration, adding a modest amount of studs to your track improves braking and handling, giving you the confidence you need to spend hours on the trails.  Check out our Runners and Studs pages for more details on how to balance your sled for the best performance and safety.



Our Hornet carbide trail studs are second to none.  The narrow profile and carbide tip gives you the best penetration in the toughest conditions...    AND they are guaranteed not to break.  Check them out at Hornet / Trail Studs - HNT


If you ride trails in heavily trafficked areas and have had it with darting, then our Tru-Trak double runner carbides are what you need.  60 degree carbides with 4" and  6" of carbide on each ski allows you to straddle rutted trails keeping you straight.  Check out our Applications section for availability


Not sure what you want?  what you need?  Click on our Applications link to get a full listing of available runner types for every major manufacturer and aftermarket skis.  Our Stud Height Chart will guide through finding the right stud for your track.  Still confused?  You can always call our sales department for extra help.

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